On Road 4×4 training for essential workers and response drivers

All of our 4×4 trainers are also DVSA Approved Driving Instructors, as well as having extensive experience in designing bespoke courses for companies, organisations and emergency response services who require their drivers to be able to handle 4×4 capable vehicles on the road in floods, snow, ice, extreme and winter environments.

From basic familiarisation courses for essential workers expected to use their vehicles in winter conditions on-road, to preparation for work in extreme environments across the world, we have run courses for the NHS, military, NGOs and utility companies.

One day courses for up to two candidates can be run from your premises, using your vehicles from £500/day.

Familiarisation courses include:

  • Vehicle checks and technology awareness
  • Operation of technology including risks and benefits
  • Driving through floodwater
  • Low traction surfaces such as snow and ice
  • Driver and passenger safety and emergency procedures
  • On road driving assessment and remedial training
  • Full driver reports

For more extensive courses, we can also include:

  • Off-road driving techniques and risk management
  • Self recovery techniques
  • Winching and vehicle recovery
  • Expedition preparation
  • Vehicle and driver security for hostile environments
  • Basic expedition vehicle maintenance